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Birthdate:Dec 30
Location:Calgary, Canada

Name: Caz

Age: 24 years and counting

Occupation: Mommy. Working on the rest of that. Failing economy? Not my friend...

Identifying Marks: 1. Blue rose tattoo on left shoulder blade
2. A black and grey luck dragon tattoo on the marjority of lower back

Ambition in life: Happiness. Or, failing that, a reasonable facsimile of.

Pet peeves: Bad spelling/grammar, rude people, being lied to, the list goes on, I'm sure.

Favorite saying: Look...something shiny!

Best Quality: My way with words; I've been known to compose quite the email. Also, the lulz. I tend to bring them. But that's just what I say. Maybe someone who's not me would say something different.

Mottos: ::If at first you don't succeed, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it::
::Life is not like the movies; everybody lies, good guys lose, and love does not conquer all::
::Where am I going and why am I in this handbasket::

Favorite Movie: Couldn't say. Last thing I really dug was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Which goes to show you how often I go to the movies.

Fandom: Admittedly, I haven't been deep into fandom lately on account of I've been too busy roleplaying. And having serious drama. But mostly rp.

Favorite Song: It's just easier to look at my My music tastes change so often, even I don't know what I like anymore. At the moment, I'm really into Anastacia's Everything Burns. Honestly, you'll have more luck checking out what I've listened to recently:

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